5 Fall Moving Tips For a Stress Free Move

5 Fall Moving Tips For a Stress Free Move – With the ending of busy summer, and after seeing the kids rush back to school once again, the temperatures start coming down to comfortable ranges and that’s when the Autumn begins, and it’s a great season to move. Let’s look at some tips for a stress free Fall season move!

Prepare your kid and help them with the transition

Moving can be stressful for children; leaving behind old friends, the comfortable home and neighbourhood and moving into a completely new place might scare the kids. So preparing your kids in advance by having a talk with them about the transition, or taking them to their new neighbourhood and showing them around the local places and parks and even their new school, in advance might help them feel better and get acclimatised to the move.

Use Protective Material Over the Floors and Rugs

This can be done by yourself or can also be recommended to your movers for protecting your rugs and the floor during the move from any possible dirt, mud or wet leaves from spoiling it. Various protective materials can be used like, using Painter’s Plastic, or laying down cut open trash bags and taping them down, any plastic sheets can also work.

Be ProActive in Setting Up Utilities

It can be frustrating to not have the gas and electricity not setup at your new place upon arrival. Certainly wouldn’t be very comforting to be seated inside a cold dark room without being able to cook. And the new accounts can take a few days to set up. So it’s recommended to proactively set up utilities before you move to the new place.

Choose comfortable clothing for your Moving Day during Fall

It’s important to dress comfortably for a full day move. During fall either thick jackets can become warm or small shorts can be too airy, so dressing in layers would be the recommended way based on your comfort.

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