Bon Voyage! 5 Tips for Throwing a Goodbye Party with Friends

While looking forward to moving to a new place can be exciting, relocating can be a bittersweet experience. You won’t be parting ways with just your house but also with the people you’ve become acquainted with by living in that locale. It could be your friendly neighbours with grumpy faces or your colleagues at the office who are banging their heads. It’s a fun thing to relax while parting and the note on high spirits!! Here are a few Bon Voyage Ppaarrttyy Tips!!

Plan the location & date in advance

With a lot of packing and moving coming up your current house might be covered with packing supplies and boxes which might make it hard to arrange a party, deciding the place upfront can save you from last-minute hassles to find a place. Along with the place, the date is an essential thing to fix as it can include gathering various people on the same day.

Send our invitations in advance

From neighbours to your office colleagues chalk up a list of people you would like to invite in advance. It can be a small group of intimate people to an all-out party, inviting the guest ahead would allow them the time sufficient to make their plan and attend your party.

Overall party theme & a brief note

Keeping your budget in view, decide on the venue and the list of items which you will be offering to the guests at the party. Plan ahead and get all the necessary items which suit your desired theme (if you want to!). The party could also include a short speech from you expressing anything you would like to with the people and locality you are parting from before venturing into a new journey.