Damage Policies and Limits of Liabilities


Any claims to be raised for lost or damaged items should be in written form to be submitted within a week (7 days) from the moving day. Each claim should be accompanied by pictures of the damages and a description of how the incident may have taken place. After receiving the claim request Boxify will thoroughly investigate and resolve the raised claims within 21 business days, provided all the applicable moving-related payments have been cleared by the client.

Illegal to deduct from payment

For any kind of settlement a claim request needs to be raised. Deducting money from the final pending payment to cover for any perceived damages which might have occurred is illegal. Boxify reserves the right to refuse to process a claim or to answer in the circumstances where the payment from the client is pending.

Electrical Goods

Though carefully handled electronics being sensitive items may develop some unavoidable faults, in such cases Boxify is not liable where there may be internal damages without any external damage to the specific item.

Boxed Items

The responsibility of all the boxed items rests upon the client/owner. Boxify is not liable to cover for any damages on the item(s) packed by the owner prior to the move, unless there is a clear proof that the damage to any box has been caused by our team. The client/customer is also liable to inspect all the boxes once unloaded and before our team departs, Boxify will not accept any claims regarding physical damage to the boxes if our team has not been informed before departing after finishing their work.

Simulated Wood Furniture

Boxify is not responsible for any items whose materials are structurally weak and not repairable like simulated wood, pressed board furniture or particle wood.

Fragile Items

Unless packed by Boxify’s team with the needed packing materials, specialty items & fragile items such as glasses, porcelain, dishware, pictures, shade lamps etc are not covered under the insurance.  The necessary packing can be done by yourself if you choose to with packing materials purchased prior to your move, our team will ensure that those items are safely loaded and transported but they will not be insured.


Movers cannot be responsible for dents or scratches on major appliances. Many of these are covered by a thin metal that is extremely vulnerable to dents and scratches.

Most of the major appliances are covered by a thin metal which makes them easily prone to dents & scratches, though our teams will ensure to deliver all your items safely, any dents & scratches on major appliances will be Boxify’s responsibility.

Items holding Water

Any items which uses or contains water like refrigerators, aquariums , waterbeds, freezers etc must be emptied and drained prior to the move.


All the clients/customers are fully responsible for their valuable items or import documents which might include items like Passports, documents, bils, currency, letters of credit, tickers , manuscripts, mechanical drawing, jewelry, precious stones or other similar valuables. Boxify is not responsible for loss or damage to any such items.

Unavoidable Damages

While moving damages might be incurred on the item where the item’s size in comparison to the width of the room, staircase, hallway, elevators or similar locations is not proper to move easily. The decision rests upon the client/customer, Boxify’s team will be ready to move the items given you sign a waiver ahead & they would halt the move if requested. Boxify is not responsible for any damages that might occur on the item during such moves.


Before signing the final receipt & prior to our team leaving the location it the responsibility of the client/customer to

(i) Inspect the condition of the belongings

(ii) Inspect the truck to ensure that none of the belongings are left behind.

Absent Customers

We encourage our customers to remain with us throughout the move, not least because when we are moving items such as furniture you can then point out any scratches, marks, or dents that we may have missed, or vice versa. If for whatever reason you are not available during your move, or if you need to leave during your move, we will need you to sign a release acknowledging that you accept all of the items in the condition that we bring them to you. Under these circumstances, we will not be responsible for any missing or damaged items, nor will we be held responsible for any items that were not moved.

Customers presence during the move

Boxify encourages all our clients to remain with us through the move, it can be good for providing any valuable inputs to make the move smooth & efficient. For whatever reason the customer cannot be present during the move or needs to leave the move in between, the client/customer is liable to sign a release acknowledging the terms and conditions with which it is presented. During such circumstances Boxify is not responsible for any damaged or missing items nor for the items which weren’t moved.


Unless specified any downtime which might occur during situations like ( traffic, customers inspection of their tes, elevator setup time, waiting for new keys etc ) is billable.

Loss of Value

Any loss of value due to damage & the subsequent repairs are not covered under our insurance.

Property Damage

For damages to property like walls, doors, floors,&. painted surfaces our insurance is liable to cover up to $100.00.

No Liability

If against the discretion of our team should the client/customer choose to interfere or assist during the move, Boxify assumes no liability whatsoever.