General Packing and Moving Tips – Packing Tips for Moving

Placing the items properly in right sized boxes – General packing tips

General packing tips in Ontario – If you can get it is recommended to use boxes designed for packing & moving. Being professional moving boxes their quality is durable and provides extra protection compared to regular cardboard boxes which might wear down easily. Though obvious, remember to place heavy items at the bottom followed by lighter items on the top in order not to crush them. Try to pack your box while filling the size properly, and use items like blankets or towels to cover any empty spaces left in boxes for an extra layer of protection.

Packing Essentials Separately – General packing tips

The essentials could be of different kinds, such as maintaining a bag to contain all the important documents, medications or items like a charger. For longer moves opt for a suitcase in case of a family to include your kids’ clothes and toys.

A moving essential box could save you a lot of time during the unpacking as it can include the needed items like utensils, linens, toilet paper, and paper plates.  Any items essential for your kids or pets if you have any.

Along with them, an essential toolbox could include items like hammers, duct tape, screwdrivers, and testers, and basically, the tool kit which might be essential for basic repairs, carrying it will certainly come in handy!

Categorize & sub-categorize each item based on the room

Within the main category called room create sub-categories based on the type of items, for example, a kitchen could include cutlery. Labelling it this way would make it easy to identify and sort them while unpacking & also avoid packing items belonging to different rooms in the same box. Essential items which will be carried along with you should be kept separately.

Plan & Pack Properly

If you are doing the packing by yourself it is better to plan ahead and come up with a realistic packing schedule as it would require you to gather all the essential packing supplies ahead. You can get the needed supplies from your neighbourhood store, office or from friends & family. While packing adds two layers of tape for extra protection, it is always recommended to hire professionals to pack any fragile or special delicate items to ensure their safety.

What kind of item should & shouldn’t be packed

Some bulky items need not require packing like bicycles, while some might require disassembling like furniture or crating for items like chandeliers, pools tables etc. Packing large furniture or fragile items would require you to hire professional services as they are equipped with the necessary materials and equipment.