How to safely move with pets

They can be soft tushy creatures or scaled-finned pets. Our companions’ safety should be a priority during the move while also making sure that their transition to the new place is smooth and comfortable.

Choose the right place

Not only for humans but for other species too, change can be a very new experience so make sure that the new place has a comfortable room or open space if needed for your pet so that it can feel free as usual to roam around. Some neighbourhoods do not allow pets so choose a pet-friendly neighbour, also make sure to keep the pet’s Veterinary records up-to-date and also visit your vet and take any precautions recommended by them.

Packing pets essentials before the move

Plan and pack all the pet’s essentials before the move which can include food, chew toys or any clothes. Do not postpone it to the last minute as the items might be necessary during & after the move, make sure to personally pack them. Before the move, if the pet will be left with the pet sitter on a moving day it is better for the pets to acclimatize with the new person. Let the pet continue its routine like walking along with the regular diet.

On a moving day

If you want your pet to stay away from the action during the moving process then it’s better to hand over the pet to be taken care of by a pet sitter on a moving day. Or you could personally carry the pet with you while making sure that it is comfortable along the journey, and take the necessary steps to comfort the pet while being transported.