Mistakes to avoid while packing

Either for a Novice or a seasoned packer Packing can consume & drain a lot of time and energy. Not only the physical work but also the planning it requires can make it quite a hectic experience. Well the situation is not entirely hopeless and relax it need not be that daunting, here are a few possible to mistakes to look out for while packing

Not planning ahead & last minute rushes

While being a master procrastinator can be quite relaxing while being lazy that trait is not really helpful when it comes to packing last minute, the experience can be quite daunting! With a plethora of items to categorize, deciding on the box’s size, arranging the needed packing supplies without proper planning, packing can get quite messy at the last minute. So it is wise to chart out a plan ahead and get the work done in a relaxing way.

Not Using a Proper Labeling or Identification System

Even if you have packed all the items neatly and safely it is all going to get messy once the items have been relocated & you cannot identify which box contains what items. Unpacking and Reassembling can become quite hectic if the items are not properly categorized priorly. Use a proper labeling system on the boxes and do not use generic labels like ‘Living Room’, ‘Kitchen’, try to be specific about the contents of the box which makes it easy to identify them while unpacking.

Using wrong packing materials & Heavy Packing

Whether it is for a local or a long distance move, not using the correct boxes while packing can cause damage to the items while eating away your time as you would have to repack them again. Buying the correct boxes based on your items is worth the time and money. Also packing too heavily may not only damage your items due to improper heavy packing you may end up injuring yourself if one of the boxes accidentally opens up as it cannot withstand the weight. 

Not Considering Downsizing

While packing you might encounter items which you haven’t looked at since the last move or many items which you haven’t used in a long time and may not be using it. Do yourself a favour by trying to downsize your items as it will reduce your luggage and save up space at your new place.

Self Packing for Complicated Moves

Even if you are a regular packer who has mastered seasonal packing, moves like residential and commercial come with a lot of planning and work. In case you need professional movers, we at Boxify are here to provide you a free estimate based on your service needs, we are here to pack and move your items safely while you can relax.