Moving Disclaimer

We do not guarantee assembly of any new item or items that remain in their original boxes. It is recommended that you consult a company that specializes in assembly services for such items.

We cannot guarantee the assembly of any items which might be in mint condition, we recommend you to reach out to a company which specializes in such assembly services.

We cannot provide assembling or disassembling services for items such as Pianos, cribs, water beds, pool tables as well as furniture made of pressed or particle material due to liability concerns. Any query regarding specific furniture can be obtained from our team.

We cannot mount a flat screen TV onto a wall nor do we remove TV’s from the wall mounts. We do not bolt or unbolt items from any walls or ceilings.

We do not set up or disconnect any appliances like Fridges, washing machines, freezers or dishwashers. All the appliances which use or might contain water needs to be drained properly prior to the move.